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Title I Tutoring

Carencro Catholic School participates in the federally-funded, Lafayette Parish School System administered, Title I Program. This is an extension of the program currently in use in Lafayette Parish elementary schools. Students with low test scores and/or low performance in math and reading and who reside in qualifying school zones are provided with targeted after-school tutoring.

The Title I tutor is employed by the Lafayette Parish School System. The tutor targets not only current classwork, but all skills, providing guided practice to improve the student’s performance in class and on standardized tests. 

School Building Level Committee (SBLC)

Carencro Catholic School may accept evaluations, IEPs and IAPs from public school systems, psychologists, and/or medical doctors to determine reasonable classroom adjustments/accommodations. Individual classroom accommodations are based on student need for students with documentation of a learning or medical disability.  The SBLC meets annually to review accommodations to address effectiveness and continued need.

The SBLC, along with school administration, has the ultimate authority to determine if the needs of the student can adequately be met on our campus. 

Related Services

Related therapy services are provided to students meeting Louisiana Bulletin 1508 criteria for Special Education services.  Services outlined in student service plans are provided and  implemented on our campus by Lafayette Parish School System. Current Related Services provided on our campus include Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy.