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  Name Title
Kelly Andrepont Andrepont, Kelly Special Projects Coordinator
Lauren Arceneaux Arceneaux, Lauren 1st Grade Teacher
Brittany Benoit Benoit, Brittany 4th Grade Teacher
Alvin Bergeron Bergeron, Alvin Athletic Director/PE Instructor
Meagan Bergeron Bergeron, Meagan Business Office Manager
Monique Braquet Braquet, Monique Kindergarten Aide
Christopher Cambre Cambre, Christopher Pastor
Alex Clause Clause, Alex 3rd Grade Teacher
Christina Dupuis Dupuis, Christina Jr. High Science and Social Studies
Alicia Fontenot Fontenot, Alicia PK-3 Aide
Ericka Forest Forest, Ericka Director of School and Student Services
Leah Fusilier Fusilier, Leah Teacher
Annette Guidroz Guidroz, Annette PK-4 Aide
Jake Guidry Guidry, Jake PE Assistant/Jr. High Social Studies
Katie Guidry Guidry, Katie 2nd Grade Teacher
Heidi Haynes Haynes, Heidi Art Instructor
Katy Lorenz Lorenz, Katy Director of Technology
Sonya Louviere Louviere, Sonya Principal
Andrea Miller Miller, Andrea Extended Day Worker
Jill Myers Myers, Jill Librarian and Jr. High Social Studies
Rachelle Rachal Rachal, Rachelle Jr. High Math
Heidi Robin Robin, Heidi Religion Administrator and Jr. High Religion Instructor
Sandy Romero Romero, Sandy Administrative Assistant
Holly Stickney Stickney, Holly PK-3 Teacher
Nadine Theriot Theriot, Nadine PK-4 Teacher
Sarah White White, Sarah Jr. High ELA
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