Tech Studio

The CCS Tech Studio is a place where teachers visit with their classes to enhance and reinforce science, technology, engineering, art, and math skills being taught in the classroom. The Tech Studio currently includes...

~ Two 3D Makerbot Printers

~ Cubelets (Robot Blocks)

~ LittleBits (Electronic Building Blocks)


~Edison Robots


CCS is dedicated to providing technology tools that teach students to collaborate, conduct research, solve problems, analyze data, and to communicate with teachers and peers. We are currently 1:1 in 3rd grade, 4th & 5th grades ELA and Math, and Jr. High Math, Science, and Social Studies. Class bundles of iPads are used in grades/subjects without laptops. Classroom equipment currently includes...

~ Interactive Whiteboards (Promethean Boards)

~ Laptops 

~ iPads 

Computer Lab

Our campus also houses a computer lab where Pk4 through 5th-grade students attend weekly classes to learn different software programs, internet safety, and general computer concepts.  Our junior high students visit the computer lab with designated teachers to complete technology samples. The lab currently includes...

~ 25 Dell Optiplex Desktops

~ 3 Laserjet Printers

Cubelets in Tech Studio
Laptops in Classroom
3D Printing in Tech Studio
littleBits in Tech Studio
Computer Lab
Laptops in Jr. High
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3D Printing in Tech Studio