Sharing Love

Kindergarten's Valentine Story

When Sophia first met Dawson there was an instant connection. From that day forward, Sophia never left his side. DAILY- she is with him on the playground, assisting anyway she possible can. If Sophia has to run to the restroom before going play, Dawson chooses to wait  for her to return instead of going play without her. Sophia even made the comment "Look I am helping him learn how to walk."
The other students often comment on their special friendship.

She assists him daily by: holding his hands while he gets on and off the swings, pushing him while swinging, standing behind him as he crawls up the steps to the slide, and she gets on the ground with him and they will just sit and laugh and talk together.

To witness something like this is very hard to put into words. This IS the Holy Spirit working through Sophia and we are BLESSED to be witnesses of this amazing gift of giving!
This morning Dawson was adamant about giving Sophia a special gift. This was an ACT OF LOVE!  Spreading LOVE and KINDNESS is exactly what I teach these kids to do on a daily basis.

Please know your kids are LOVED here at CCS, each and every ONE of them!!!

        Mrs. Leah Fusilier, KB Teacher